As a builder, you want the highest return on your investment...

The most effective and lucrative design in a model home requires a strategic combination of art, precision, creativity, and marketing. As a builder, you want the highest return on your investment, which is why you need the best interior design and merchandising to highlight great architectural elements and emphasize livability for your buyers. 

It’s about having your property standing out from the rest, evoking a positive feeling within potential residents and creating a deep desire for them to want to live there. You'll want the design to capture the imagination of a potential home buyer and get them to see themselves living in their new home.

With color, lighting, fabric, and furniture placement, among other details, your design should create warmth and connection to the space, while maximizing the features of the home.

When looking for a design merchandising firm, you'll want one that will work with you to determine your target market and budget for each development, and design the models according to lifestyle, income, and budget of that market. says, "after investing in land, construction, and carrying costs, a well-designed model home is exactly what you need to drive the sale and to make all of the other investments come together. A well-merchandised model home is the key ingredient to the success of the development."