Dionne Koehler - Director of Design

Alongside her love for Keith Urban, Dionne has a true passion for creating unique and inventive designs. With 22 years of experience in commercial design and management, she brings an abundance of imagination and strong leadership to the Lita Dirks & Co. team.

Her professional passions include: 

Creating beautiful spaces for people; whether it be where they work, shop, eat or sleep; it all needs to evoke a truly wonderful experience. 

Dionne loves… 

Her daughter. She is the one gift she is forever grateful for. 

She’s surprisingly good at:

Using a toolbox. If you need a painting hung or furniture assembled, she's your girl! 

If she were a band, her name would be: 

Keith Urban Obsessions. "But seriously, isn’t Keith Urban so dreamy?"

Her three “must haves” in a dream home are: 

A stunning ocean view, a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship so she can enjoy her ocean view and a yoga studio to retreat and relax in (private instructor included)!

How she goes above and beyond for our client:

By being disarmingly honest. It’s not all about saying ‘yes’, it’s about having the wisdom, courage and confidence to stay true to the vision and goals of our clients.

Anything else you want people/clients to know?

Did I mention Keith Urban yet? Also, I knew from a young age that interior design was my passion and started a career in the industry upon college graduation. After 23 years of devotion to the practice I took a five year breather but always felt that something was missing. I’m so honored to complete my circle here at Lita Dirks & Co. Namaste! 

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