Smaller Spaces that are Serious Stunners

Smaller spaces can be tricky to tackle, but they don’t need to feel cramped, claustrophobic and uncomfortable. There are certain tips and tricks that can make that tighter room feel open and airy without having to sacrifice a sense of style. Take a gander! 

Light and Bright

Darker shades are definitely design friendly these days, but in a small space they can make the room feel confined. Use these dramatic, deep tones in smaller doses on accents like decorative pillows, area rugs or art. To create a bright, fresh feeling, keep lighter hues on larger surfaces such as walls and furniture pieces. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Any discussion of small space needs to include the idea of using mirrors, as they are the easiest and quickest answer to creating a sense of openness. Not only do mirrors reflect loads of light, but they also reflect the view, which tricks the eye into perceiving more space. Whether it’s using mirrored tiles as a kitchen back splash or leaning an over-sized, full length mirror against a wall, this is a simple solution to making a space appear sizeable.

The Magic of Multi-Function

Even tiny rooms can be fully functional when designed with furniture that serves several purposes. Effective methods to simplify a space are Murphy beds, ottomans that also act as storage or a desk that can be hidden when not in use. 

Ditch the Drapes

By skipping over the dark, heavy drapes and leaving the windows uncovered, natural light embraces the room and the line of sight continues to the landscape outside. If you do need privacy or softness, focus on using blinds or light, simple fabrics that look and feel breezy. Even the simple act of removing the screens in your model home brings in additional direct, natural light. 

Scale and Space (Not Always Small)

Within a tighter space, it’s all about proportions. Proportions don’t necessarily mean smaller. For example, lose the side chairs and stick solely with a sectional. One prominent piece can keep the area uncluttered, rather than feeling chaotic with a bulk of smaller pieces. 

Be Smart with Stripes

Stripes are a clever design detail that can create the illusion of added length or height. As seen in the model home above, horizontal, wall-to-wall shiplap helps elongate the flex space. Creative features such as this add a depth of character and texture, without sacrificing space. 

Keep It Simple

Above all, keep the clutter clear! When overloaded with art, accessories and furniture, there’s no doubt a room will feel confined and cramped. With just a few statement pieces, a space can still maintain personality while feeling open, airy and inviting.

So let that small space shine by using a few (or all!) of these simple solutions. For inspiration, check out these fully functioning, small rooms below!