Bring Out the POW in Powder Room

Typically, a powder room is the smallest space in the house, but tends to be the most overlooked design opportunity. In any model home, the powder room may actually be the bathroom that potential buyers use most often, so it’s important to make sure this small space shines. We’ve developed five design tips to bring out the POW in powder room.

Light Fixture Feature

With space being limited, don’t skimp on style when it comes to lighting. With the variety of options available today, treat light fixture selections as if they were added art. Multiple layers of lighting, such as pendants, can lights and sconces create light and extra ambiance. Time to let the powder room light shine!

Wow them with the Wall

Because of the smaller size, a powder room is the perfect place to experiment with funky wallpaper, tile or a paint shade that may otherwise intimidate in a larger space. Some of the 2017 Colors of the Year, such as Pantone’s Greenery and PPG’s Violet Verbana, can pack a dramatic punch while not being too overwhelming for potential home owners. Also, unique tile is one way to truly let preferences prevail. Even the simplicity of large-format tiles bring in and added element of texture, while still being easy to keep clean with fewer grout lines. 

Frame the Fabulous Mirror

Framing the bathroom mirror is a simple, yet effective way to create a touch of style and flair. Adding a frame around the mirror gives the vanity a polished feel while leaving it unframed may make the space appear unfinished.

Scale it all to Size

Don’t make the already small space feel claustrophobic by adding in furniture or fixtures that are oversized. Save space with features such as floating shelves or under the sink storage.

Fixtures Selections

The selection of your bathroom sink and faucet can create the ideal environment for one of the most used rooms in your home. With so many available options these days, an eye-catching sink or faucet can add an extra decorative design element to the space.

Don’t just pass over the powder room! Let this smaller space reflect the home’s style with these five simple steps. Gain inspiration from these POWerful powder rooms below.