Designing for the Generation X Buyer

When it comes to successful home building, an important element (before planning even begins) is to truly understand and acknowledge the desires and demands of the potential homeowner. With that in mind, LD & Co. is diving into a buyer that, at times, tends to be overlooked, but whose buying power still stands strong – Generation X.

Currently, Gen X has increased its share of home buyers to 28%, and will continue to climb, as they’ve finally paid off their student loans and have started to grow their families. So, this buyer cannot be swept to the side!  

From a day that starts with trying to get the kiddos out the door and ends with checking that final work email, Gen X is always on the move! They are highly motivated by their career and family and revel in the responsibility that comes with both.

So, what exactly drives this generation and what features appeal to them when purchasing (or renting) a home?

·         Whether being used to prep dinner or to tackle homework, an open, airy kitchen accompanied with a large island is a necessity to the Gen X buyer and their family. Time spent at home revolves around this hub, so it’s important to complement the space with plenty of seating and creative storage solutions.

·         Rear entries with TONS of organized storage allow these busy buyers to keep track of their family’s “stuff” while maintaining (or trying to maintain) spotless spaces.

·         Gen X buyers crave a home that can handle their hectic lifestyle without compromising style. Chic and stylish finishes that can endure some wear and tear are perfect for this target market.

·         Personal spaces are essential for when the Gen X homeowner may want to enjoy a glass of wine or curl up with their Kindle. This need for a place to escape may be accommodated with features such as a sitting area in the master bedroom, flex space or a window niche. It doesn’t have to be a full room, just cozy, comfortable and usable!

Check out the photos below for projects that meet, and possibly exceed, the needs of the typical Gen X home buyer.