Merchandising for Millennials and Boomers

As Millennials enter the market in significant numbers and Boomers continue to spend big housing bucks, the comparable needs of these dominant demographics are major motives in home building. The third blog in our series, Design Solutions for Like Minded Lifestyles, highlights the final major factor that influences the extremely similar buying choices of these two generations.

Factor Four: Individuality  

Millennials and Boomers do not want to miss out on the opportunity to showcase their unique taste and savvy style, especially when hosting friends and family. It’s important to keep abreast of current trends, and offer them to these buyers. See how individuality can be achieved by focusing on the following features.

Updated Selections

In a consumer world dominated by the designs seen on Houzz, Pinterest and HGTV, Millennial and Boomer buyers are drawn to an updated and wide variety of selections. As trends continue to rapidly change, these demanding demographics are wanting the next “cool” thing. With this in mind, builders need to be more style savvy than their consumers. Be sure to reevaluate selections every year as Boomers are ready to splurge on high end options and Millennials are looking for chic style on a budget.

Fabulous Flex Spaces

Today’s dream for Millennials and Boomers is a relaxed, but stylish, sanctuary that speaks to efficiency of space and livability. Multipurpose flex spaces can cater to the various priorities of these two generations while allowing them to highlight their preferences and personality. Whether a man cave in the basement, a craft room in the loft space or just an added room that can act as both a den or guest suite, flex spaces highly appeal to these buyers’ aspiration for individuality.  

Marvelously Merchandised

By truly understanding the Millennial and Boomers’ desires, the location of the project and the overall budget, interior merchandisers can create a home design that excites potential buyers. These target markets want clean and simple. Start with a light, neutral pallet and add simple pops of color from there. White is THE “color” right now, with light pastels adding dimension. Brighter colors come into play in pillows, accessories and art. Just don’t overdo it! And, by highlighting flow, function and flexibility with furnishings, merchandising a model may be the standout selling feature that allows these buyers to envision how the home meets and exceeds their wants.

See photos below for individuality inspiration and for a look back on our past Design Solutions for Life Minded Lifestyles blogs be sure to visit our Design Dialogues page.

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