Storage and Space Solutions Found in Back Kitchens

Back kitchens are booming in new home builds! Especially for the 55+ buyer, who demands features such as an open floor plan, entertaining possibilities and storage. So how does the back kitchen meet and exceed the desires of the active adult?

Open Floor Plan

As the 55+ buyer craves the open floor plan, they are now looking for a place to put items out of the hub of the house – the kitchen. A back kitchen provides the perfect place to hide clutter, small appliances, dishware and more while maintain a sparkling, clean kitchen.

Desire to Entertain

Entertaining family and friends is extremely important to the active adult. A back kitchen provides a functioning zone for extra food prep as well as the dirty dishes (yuck!). A dishwasher and sink added to the back kitchen also allows for easy clean up. The homeowner can entertain while still keeping the open space looking spotless!


The 55+ buyer has had years to grow their collection of kitchen “essentials”. A back kitchen provides extra storage space where they can store their “good” china, Aunt Elise’s teacups and anything else they just can’t part ways with.

Ethnic Cooking

When building, it’s important to keep our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society in mind. For example, a home buyer who finds kosher cooking important would designate either the back kitchen or main kitchen as the “kosher kitchen” because the practice requires separate prep and cooking spaces. Be sure to know and understand your buyers’ needs!


See below how a back kitchen meets the demands of the 55+ adult with storage, space and more.