Merchandising for Millennials and Boomers

With the buying power of Millennials pushing to its peak and Boomers still maintaining a strong consumer presence, the demands and desires of these two generations are hot topics in home building. No need to worry, Millennials and Boomers have seriously similar requests! The third blog in our series, Design Solutions for Like Minded Lifestyles, highlights another influential factor that guides the buying decisions of these dominating demographics.

Factor Three: Organization

The saying “smaller, but smarter” has never been more true for these buyer profiles as they gravitate towards a home with thoughtful function and ample amounts of storage. As described in our previous blog, these buyers are drawn to the “experiences era,” and organization allows them to fully embrace this adventurous trend. To fulfill the desire for organization, we’ve developed the following considerations when home building for Millennials and Boomers.

Storage! Storage! Storage!

Features such as walk-in closets, pantries and attic storage allow these homeowners to hide their “stuff” and focus on themselves. Cabinet systems, as well as plenty of shelving, within these spaces create a variety of storage capabilities that achieve the organization demands of Millennial and Boomer buyers. By properly merchandising a home’s innovative storage solutions, potential buyers can envision the ease of living enhanced by organization.

Smaller, but Smarter

Millennials and Boomers want no wasted space. When it comes to additional storage, it’s important not to overlook unused nooks and crannies. Whether it’s an under-the-stairs bookcase or even a small shelf to store spices, these attentive design details are standout selling items that truly resonate with these generations. Places to focus on these creative storage solutions are high “drop zone” locations such as the owner’s entry and laundry room as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Clear the clutter and keep it clean!

A Place for Everything

Mops, vacuums, blenders, juicers, tennis rackets, bikes – Millennials and Boomers have a ton of items that need a “place to call home.” Even designating an area for four legged friends to sleep, bathe and eat is a unique selling element that appeals to these dominating target markets. Be sure to think through how they live when determining storage spaces.

See photos below for organization inspiration and stay tuned for our next blog focusing on the fourth, and final, influential factor.