Amanda Hathaway – Designer

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with a minor in Visual Communications from Northern Arizona University, Hathaway decided to move back to her roots in Denver, CO to pursue her passion in design. As a strong believer in hard work, continuous learning and putting your best foot forward, she has an abundance of creativity as well as strong attention to detail. We LOVE the fresh, fun energy that she brings to the LD & Co. team and her projects! See how Amanda answered our Q&A…

How do you go about and beyond for your clients?

I’m always prepared to put in the time and extra steps. I also practice good communication and listening in order to create a design that the client will love.

Finish this sentence: I love…

Being creative, concerts, country swing dancing, Halloween, my Mom’s homemade pho and spending time with my loved ones.

What are you surprisingly good at?

Country swing dancing; after two lessons I was doing lifts, dips, and tricks with my partner.

If you were a band, what would your name be?

My band name would be a play off the names of its members and who better to have in your band than your best friends? Between the four of us our initials are D, A, J, A.  After sounding that out we thought it sounded similar to Déjà vu, so we agreed our band name would be DAJA Vu.  

What are three “must haves” in your dream home?

In my dream house I couldn’t go without loads of natural light, a big kitchen to cook in and plenty of room to entertain. Nothing makes me happier than bringing all the people I care about together!

Anything else you really want people/clients to know?

I’m a Colorado native and enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking and exploring. In my spare time, I enjoy applying my creativity through art. I create intricate cut paper pieces which consist of cutting multiple shapes out of paper and layering them to create the desired image.