Move-Down Buyers Want Everything But Higher Square Footage

Gone is the era of the gigantic house. The desire for a relaxed retreat is real!

Smaller square footage does not mean that buyers are compromising floor plans, but rather, wasted space is eliminated and function is maximized in all areas of the home. This is the arena where interior design finds itself as a major player in new home marketing and sales. Through merchandising, buyers are shown that floors plans can offer flexibility, encouraging them with the realization that they have the ability to tailor the home to their needs through thoughtful planning. It’s very simple. Provide quality over quantity.

Within a smaller home, it needs to be proven that furniture will work throughout the space. Additionally, conversation and gathering areas must be demonstrated through thoughtful merchandising, especially with a smaller space. Rooms should interact in order to demonstrate the convenience, flexibility and functionality of a reduced square footage. Smaller rooms typically merchandise best with fewer furniture pieces and a proper balance of art, color and accessories, making the space look and feel large. It’s all about the scale. The goal should be to encourage multiple uses that optimize tighter spaces.

Oh, and don’t forget, storage is still a must! Utilize a home’s unused nooks and crannies to provide an adequate amount of storage within a smaller home.

Remember, today’s dream is for a relaxed sanctuary that speaks to efficiency of space and livability. Downsizing shouldn’t have to be about sacrificing. It’s about a simpler and more fulfilling life!