Easy to Follow Super Model Ideas to Create a Standout Model Home

Let’s face it - the life of a super model is short-lived. After all, how long can their beautiful features stay alluring, fresh and vibrant? But what about those that still continue to captivate such as Christie Brinkley or Cindy Crawford? They are anything but obsolete! What are their secrets?

Believe it or not, some of the world’s most enduring supermodels have a few things in common with successful model homes. Consider these “shared” attributes when planning your next model home and you too will create super models:

Great Bone Structure

Traditionally super models have high cheekbones, facial symmetry and long, lean bodies. Likewise, super model homes are built with quality architecture that is well-proportioned, planned, and designed to scale with a balance of textures.

Courage to be Different

Super models are able to step out and embrace the limelight with poise and self-assurance when showing the latest trends. New and fresh ideas are critical for super model homes. Do not define every space according to its traditional use. Now more than ever, homebuyers value authentic individuality and want unique spaces they can personalize. Be sure to innovate, not just duplicate!

Attitude is Everything

Super models exude confidence and attitude. Creating strong rapport with their audience is the key to effectively selling their product. Model homes should also be relatable to prospective buyers, but they must stand apart from the competition and demonstrate superior designs displayed with confidence.

Let Your Light Shine

Even the most beautiful super models need the right lighting to look their best. Lighting is also an important design element in a super model home. To create a warm and inviting experience, lighting should come from a variety of well-placed sources. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality with decorative lighting fixtures!

Artful Use of Color

Make-up flatters skins tone, colorful garments accentuate hair color and sparkling accessories bring out the color of a super model’s eyes. Artful use of color in your super model home can set the tone and mood of the home, contributing to an overall positive and memorable experience.

By using these super model ideas, you are on your way to creating the “Cindy Crawford” of model homes that will lead to successful sales and thrilled buyers.