Olivia Annalora - Marketing Coordinator 

After obtaining a Business Administration degree with a specialization in Marketing, from The Ohio State University, Olivia moved back to her hometown of Denver, CO to focus on a passion of hers – coaching youth lacrosse. After two years of having a strong presence in Colorado’s youth lacrosse scene, she decided to pursue a career where she could apply her marketing expertise. We had to have her on our team! In just a short year, Olivia has enhanced LD & Co.’s marketing efforts and continuously contributes to fostering ongoing relationships with clients.

Professional Strengths: Efficient, eager and flexible

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Homemade ranch dressing with crispy wings, her time hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, a great IPA beer, going to the dentist (totally wrong!) and Ohio State Football… GO BUCKS!

Things That Make Her Go "EWWW": Going to the department of motor vehicles, the consistency of tomatoes and man “jorts” (jean shorts)  

Words People Use to Describe Her: Outgoing, athletic and a complete optimist (Glass is always half full!)

Her Greatest Achievement: Purchasing her first home! Her and her fiancé, Kyle, love putting their energy and care into home improvements, while their Lab puppy, Gunner, supervises enthusiastically.