Ace Gutierrez - CAD Technician

Having graduated from the ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Applied Science in Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Ace is our "go-to-guy" for anything related to CAD. He has helped create numerous award winning projects for Lita Dirks & Co., including the outstanding upscale project, Kent Place Luxury Apartments in Denver, CO. 

Professional Strengths: He can easily transform a hand-drawn sketch into a concrete digital version of what a designer has created. What a rock star!

A Fun Fact Most People Don't Know About Him: He is fascinated with water, is a one-finger texter and can bake a mean cake. 

Things That Make Him Go "EWWW": Driving in the snow (He's had a heck of a winter!), the smell of liver and onions, talking on the phone and seafood (he's more of landlocked steak and potatoes kind of guy) 

Words People Use to Describe Him: Precise, detail-oriented, kind and quiet (Of course he's quiet, he works in an office filled with women!) 

His Greatest Achievement: As the son of Mexican Immigrants, Ace is the first person in his family to obtain a college degree. He is also a part of a musical group nominated for the Latin American version of the Grammy Awards. And, he designed an award winning dog house for the HBA of Metro Denver's Parade of Homes. Woof. Woof.