Six Sensational Way to Let the Outdoors Shine in Your Interiors

Whether it be nature-inspired accessories, art or furnishings, the "nature" trend is making a strong statement in 2016. Here are a few easy ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your interiors. 

Sprinkle in Floral Prints

Think beyond your grandmother's wallpaper! Try patterns on a larger scale with vibrant blooms, bold colors and a variety of texture.  

Add Minerals 

Geodes, corals and crystals are hot items when it comes to nature-inspired accessories, as people are drawn to their engaging energy and beauty. Also, striking quartz or quartzite counter tops can add natural depth and sparkle to kitchens and baths. 

Incorporate Brick 

Used as art or to flaunt a feature wall, brick is a creative way to add outdoor flair to an industrial setting. All-natural or whitewashed, it creates a captivating memory point!

Consider Wood Furniture and Finishes

A hand-crafted, artisan furniture piece with a natural wood element can create a traditional, vintage or rustic feel while a darker stained finish with simple lines can produce a contemporary feel. 

Elaborate with a Touch of Whimsy

Don't be afraid to have a little fun! Try a metallic deer head above the fireplace or graphic fox wallpaper in a child's room. 

Soften with Flowers and Plants 

From succulents to orchids, plants and flowers add personality and color. 


So give Mother Nature a big thumbs up and embrace earth elements in your design!