Behr’s Palettes for Next Year Play Off of Polar Opposite Personalities

With 2017 creeping closer, that can only mean one thing: It’s time to talk trends. According to Behr, colors that will define next year can be categorized by our prevalent personalities. The renowned paint company developed their 2017 selections into three palettes – Confident, Composed and Comfortable – each being distinct to attract a certain social type.

Confident embodies colors that are creative, adventurous, somewhat risky and downright fun! Spicy reds, fired up oranges and lemon burst yellows create the perfect opportunities to add dramatic effects to accent walls, furniture or finishes.

Traditionalist that still want to portray a modern, updated vibe will find themselves leaning towards the Composed palette. Earth colors and deep jewel tones (think rich purples, grays and blue-greens) make sophisticated environments with an edgy effect.

Pale pastels, evolving from sweet and bright colors, style the Comfortable range. With a feminine sophistication, these lighter tones gracefully add energetic, upbeat pops of color when paired with natural shades.

For more inspiration or to play around with these personality palettes at Behr