Five Home Design Features to Focus on for the 55+ Home Buyer Market

This is not your grandmother's house. The 55+ home buyer of today expects to be wowed by updated and exciting design. Here are what we call "The Big Five," a list of the five most important home design features to focus on when your potential buyer is the 55+ home buyer market. 

1. Amenities and Services

A sense of community is important in the 55+ home buyer market. It's vital to evaluate which amenities and/or services (walking paths, pools, clubhouses, etc.) will make this specific demographic feel comfortable in, and excited about, their community. 

2. Bringing the Outdoors In and the Indoors Out

The 55+ home owner desires a seamless flow from their indoor space to the outdoors. A few ways to achieve this are by installing floor-to-ceiling windows, adding nature-inspired decor, and merchandising both your front porch and patios as additional living spaces.  

3. Storage, Storage, Storage!

As the average size of homes decrease, the need for storage is even more important. Take advantage of creative opportunities to offer storage in unused spaces such as window seats, below the stairs, or in the garage. 

4. Private Spaces (Flex, Hobbies, Etc.) 

Whether it's creating a hobby room, man cave, or an extra space for visiting guests, the 55+ home market craves the ability to shape the home to their wants and needs. 

5. Pet Friendly

Pets play a major role for many in the 55+ home buyer market. It is important to accommodate the needs of our four-legged friends. 

Other desirable design elements for the 55+ Home Buyer Market: 

- Limited or no steps (including seamless shower entry) 

- Options for personalization (statement lighting, variety of spec packages, etc.) 

- Design options that are current/trending