Start 2016 Strong by Keeping Your 2015 Momentum Rolling 

While some builders may begin to hibernate during the holiday season, savvy companies are doing just the opposite and making their push in 2015 impactful. Strengthen your end-of-year sales with a few innovative programs that don’t necessarily require out-sourced funding. Here are some ideas to give you a jump-start on 2016:

Make sure your existing product can weather long holiday and winter challenges - implement a marketing and merchandising audit to evaluate how your sales office and models compete. Retail stores continually turn over merchandise to stimulate buyer interest and boost sales, builders should follow their example to keep their product presentation fresh. Being proactive creates positive movement and promotes success!

Builders and developers are being encouraged to add value - engineer existing product or create new product to increase profits while reducing costs. The next important move is to add value to your 2016 product releases. Spring is less than six months away and in the coming year there will be eager potential buyers looking for their dream home. How will you meet their expectations? Review and define your product now with your experienced team. (PS: We provide all of our clients with free floorplan livability critiques.)

Re-evaluate your selections and buyer profiles - are the selections you are offering still true to your potential buyer or has your potential buyer changed? Trends are cycling out faster with technology and social media having a stronger presence in the home buying and decorating industries. Make sure your selections are up to date to differentiate your offerings from competitors. Also, is your potential buyer still the same and how has their wants and needs evolved? It’s more important than ever that you know your buyer heading into the New Year.

In order to jump-start sales in 2016 it’s important to be innovative and prepared. Don’t hibernate in the last quarter – amp up for spring success! Positive activity begins when action is taken.