Why Is This Material Starting to Gain "Solid" Appeal?

When choosing counter tops and hard surface materials Quartz, Granite, and Marble are usually the options that first come to mind. Lately, however, we've been hearing the word Quartzite as a desired surface. So what exactly is this surface material that is gaining popularity? 

Definition: a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone. The transformation happens when sandstone is heated within the Earth's crust and shifting tectonic plates supply pressure. The resulting stone has pleasing streaks, rich colors and eye-catching patterns. 

That's interesting, but why is this option so desirable? Quartzite is an extremely durable surface that's usually found in shades of white or gray, making it commonly mistaken as marble. Regardless of the color, it has gorgeous linear features that streak across the slab caused by varying degrees of pressure. Due to the fact that it is a natural stone, it does require a bit more TLC compared to quartz and is a bit more pricey. Quartzite typically needs to be sealed and resealed throughout the years in order to keep stains from penetrating the stone. 

But it's the rich, organic look of Quartzite that catches the eye and creates a luxurious and inviting environment. When it comes to selecting a solid surface do not overlook Quartzite as it will be a contender to those more commonly used!