Erin Gerard - Designer/Project Manager

After working for a few years in the medical/biology field, Erin decided she was not getting enough creative stimulation. So, she went back to school for interior design and switched from microscopes to merchandising. We were lucky enough to have her as an intern before she became a full time employee. We knew she would be the perfect fit with our team!

Professional Strengths: As a team player, she brings a positive attitude and professionalism to every project. 

Favorite Movie: Despicable Me - "Bring in the Minions!"

A Fun Fact Most People Don't Know About Her: Playing the piano is a passion of Erin's. Having played from elementary school through high school, she still enjoys playing whenever she gets the chance. Our very own Beethoven!

Things That Make Her Go Eww: Oysters, when hot food is served cold, negativity, phones ringing during the movies, strong winds and bad drivers

Erin's Business Philosophy: When it comes to design, each model should have something that is a little funky or whimsical... something that makes you smile! 

Erin with the two men in her life - her husband, Justin, and son, Everett. OK, really... could they be any cuter?!